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Omar Khan – “Pratik is a highly skilled cricket coach that shows tremendous passion about the game.Having played for Bucks CC and internationally he utilises his skills to create exciting opportunities for young children to embrace the game of cricket and have fun.He recognizes that cricket is not simply a sport but also an opportunity to develop life skills. Pratik has great communication skills and has the ability to make each child feel special, recognize their success and develop their confidence”.

Peter Jenkins(Lifetime Member Crouch End CC) – “I have been involved with many sportsmen in my fairly lengthy life and Pratik is up there in that select bunch dedicated to their sport, in his case cricket, almost to the exclusion of anything else. He is a very good all-rounder, sets high standards and plays the game with a passion that marks him of that select bunch.He constantly analyses his game and the greater picture and is ready to absorb the new innovations which cricket is emerging from making it more attractive for the young and uninitiated. “I like him, he is infectious ,he brings a quality to the cricketing stage and he engages with all that a club is and does and i would have no difficulty in choosing Pratik to teach my child the art of cricket,indeed it would be a privilege”.

Anthony Bedasse – “I have know Pratik Patel for over a decade, and have been lucky enough to observe him at work closely over this time through both playing a long side him or by simply observing his passion and commitment to the sport when ever I went to watch him over the years. Over this time Pratik had made a positive contribution to a lot of cricketers of every age and skill level. As a person, Pratik is great to deal with. He is rare in that he relates as well to young children as he does to he more senior cricketers that he works with. I feel this is because Pratik is passionate about making a difference to all areas of cricket development from the grass roots right through to the players who aspire to achieve something out of the sport. His genuine desire to progress those around him is infectious, and leaves a positive impression on all those he deals with. Pratik had never been anything less than professional, friendly and thorough in all that he does. As a coach, I value Pratik very highly due to the skills he brings and the person he is. He has been involved in a lot of successful moments with the club I play for, he’s regarded as a key individual to the club and is utilized for his terrific coaching ability”.

Rishi Batra – “One the reasons why I moved cricket club was to improve my cricket. This meant playing with better players. I came up against Pratik in a cup final where he managed to score 95 when his team was in trouble. It was a mature and well calculated innings as he was losing players at the other end. Some of the shots he played made me think of the way I can improve my batting. In the same match, he opened the bowling and managed to dismiss 2 of the top 4 batsman. Single handily he changed the momentum of the game which was eventually ended him on the winning side. I managed to get to know Pratik and understand how he approaches cricket. Since then we have worked well together, constantly pushing one another to get better and improve”.

Poojan Vyas – “Unbelievable brain for cricket. For me, a open thinker, very determined, simple methods type of person. Mentally the best person who has helped me through cricket and normal day to day life. Always making everything so much more fun, realistic and different. Whether its batting, bowling or fielding. Tactically a magician, always plenty of things to learn, Taught me in Seeing a different perspective of the game. Don’t think anyone would be as creative and different when it comes to training for kids/building a kids future”!