Dhiren Darbar – My 2 boys have a wonderful time at the cricket academy and I am sure we will do it again! Thank you to the team for making it such a fun week.

Jalpesh Vijay – I would like to thank you for the coaching you have given me. Your style and method is very effective, helping me to refocus my energies and complete some major goals in my life. I would have never dreamt of playing for Leicestershire County

Antony Bedasee – I Love how you are all passionate about cricket coaching and developing cricketers of all ages and abilities to help them to fulfill their potential in the sport, whether it be to play for the local club, or to play at the highest level.

Mike Atherson – “I have known Gary for a number of years. He has an obvious great passion for the game and is always keen to develop new ideas. He possesses knowledge in fielding, batting and bowling to contribute to any level of the game.