Our Technology

Here at the International Cricket Academy we believe the use of technology to make learning and development fun and effective is the way forward. After all, the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Go Pro Cameras & SPECTACLES!

Snapchat Spectales and Go Pro Cameras enable us to film our coaching both vertically and horizontally over a predetermined area, typically the playing field of our kids summer cricket camps! These devices help us capture footage of your child’s amazing experience. Each parent will receive video and photo of their child in action, something you can cherish forever.

They operate with four motorized winches positioned at each corner at the base of the covered area. 

These devices were first used in the Indian Cricket League followed by the semi finals of 2010 IPL in Champions League Twenty20 in South Africa.

Coaching as an emerging and developing profession is increasingly considering professional self-regulation and development through lifelong learning. This is echoed by the demands of keeping up to date with technology and that’s exactly what we plan to do!

There’s always a way to do it better and its our job to help our clients find it!


The First (still researching) Academy in the UK to work with SNAPCHAT and their Spectacles! Parents & guardians will now be able to follow the academy on snap chat (a popular mobile app that allows you to send and receive videos and pictures) to experience the joys that come with being apart of a summer camp or tour. With these amazing spectacles we will upload several 10 second videos throughout the day so you don’t miss a thing!