The Purpose? Principles Of Spin


In 2019 The International Cricket Academy will travel to Rajkot, India, with a dozen young, locally based, talented and enthusiastic cricketers.

  • Watch the ball/hand/fingers.
  • Use the forward press. Have a solid base to play from.
  • Higher back lift, slower downswing. Keep the head.
  • Play forward or back, not half way. Positive use of the feet.
  • Keep the ball on the ground.

    Talent Selection Instead of Talent Identification?

    Many sports coaches claim to be great talent identifiers, and point to the results of their 11 year all-star team as proof. Yet they are not talent identifiers. They are talent selectors. The difference could not be more striking, or more damaging to our country’s future talent pool in many sports.

    How do we fix this? Here are a few simple thoughts that to be honest, should not be that hard to implement:

    1. Stop cutting players at young ages, and develop large numbers of players instead of just the elite ones.
    2. Focus on developing all players at all ages, with particular attention given to helping the less skilled ones catch up technically to the stronger ones. Thus, when they finish their growth spurt, we have a much larger pool of adequately skilled individuals to choose from.
    3. Put an end to the win at all costs nature of pre-pubescent sports, especially things like state and national championships prior to middle or high school, and televising events. Admittedly, this one might be tough to implement!
    4. Giving players of all levels and abilities the education and opportunity to experience a professional environment, ultimately setting them up for success.
    5. Better educate cricketers to understand the difference between selecting and identifying talent, and then teach and encourage them to develop it rather than try and win with it immediately

    During the tour we will offer daily coaching by an official BCCI level 3 cricket coach, small workshops, group cricket classes, development sessions, video analysis, cricket mates and mental/physical conditioning classes.

    Travelling to India is expensive, and even though this cricket tour is a fantastic opportunity for the coaches/players to grow and develop, it will also demand a lot of time and resources to be able to finance the trip.

    We are going to work hard to fund this trip ourselves, but we are also hoping for your help as well! If you want to help The International Cricket Academy across the pond, please get in touch to discuss sponsorship’s & donations. 

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